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The aircraft operator should provide details of the reason for the flight. JAR policy is that flight in accordance with the C of A subject to appropriate conditions is the preferred option.
Aircraft Status
Aircraft status must include the maintenance status of the aircraft in relation to the Aircraft Maintenance Program and that any instructions for Continued Airworthiness have been followed should they possibly become due during the P to F operation.

Confirmation of whether the aircraft has any;
- Overdue Airworthiness Directive
- Overdue Service Life Limits
- Overdue Airworthiness Limitation Items
- Overdue Certification Maintenance Requirements
- Overdue Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations
- Unapproved modifications or repairs
- Damage outside approved limitations
- Defects outside the MEL or other appropriate document.
Details of Aircraft Release to Service
The aircraft operator must provide information in respect of the person or approved maintenance organisation acceptable to the JAR responsible for releasing the aircraft for the flight(s) being carried out under the auspices of the P to F.
Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP)
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